Tailored CFO solutions to amplify your business.

Each business is different based on flavoured viable business models.

“We sweat the small stuff” – to make business dreams come true! 

by initially working hard in your business to streamline compliance and hand-craft insightful business reports to amplify a razor sharped business model – I do need to see passion for what you want to do.

Why I do this work – I hear you ask.

I see so many businesses that could be more profitable and owners that are slave to their business instead of working to be closer to their dreams – That is why I am here, to see business owners and the like to live their passion and belief.

Finance is the heart of any business and I – in turn – am passionate about numbers and un-earthing the truth they tell about your business and convert them into gold.

Un-lock the profit hidden in your numbers! Text "Profit"


A Hand-Crafted Business Budget


  • That Will Give You More Clarity Than You’ve Ever Had Before

    Standard financial reports don’t reveal what’s happening in your business at a micro level. That means that small mistakes and miscalculations can be getting magnified thousands of times over with every sale you make. The POSITIVE thing is though, that when you understand your business in minute detail, small improvements are also magnified thousands of times over!

Enjoy insightful stress free book-keeping


We bet it wasn’t so you could…

  • Work twice as hard for half the pay
  • Sacrifice your lifestyle and family time in pursuit of an unreachable illusion


Begin a journey of increasing profit and decreasing stress.


It’s just 7 steps to a liberated business.

  • Go from working 80% IN your business to 80% ON your business
  • Have the freedom and flexibility you always wanted
  • Enjoy being able to plan and make decisions with clarity

The Financial control, profit and cash boost - That Will Put You Back In Control

High-Calibre CFO - and insightful book keeping

Engage with an inspired CFO and insigtful book-keeper

Handcrafted Business Budget

Bring your business model into profit

Engage with a CFO and insightful Bookkeeper

Engage with an inspired CFO and insightful Book-keeper

Meet The Team Who Will Be Helping You

We have a highly qualified and experienced multifaceted team

Kenneth J Andersen

CFO and accredited Business Coach at Zentapon Pty Ltd

An MBA qualified Chartered Accountant and experienced CFO, Kenneth lives and breathes identifying with your business to create wealth for you. With a strong background in financial advisory, Kenneth provides a strategic perspective through vast experience working within several industries, countries, and a diversity of cultural companies small to large. His analytical and diagnostic experience has provided insights which have allowed many clients to predict outcomes and identify behaviours and systems to be changed or amplified to create profitable results. This includes working for venture capitalists to turn around businesses to meet aggressive demands and free impending covenants from lenders.


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MAUS Business Systems

The Coaching Program Publisher.

MAUS is the publisher of the Your Business Success program and licenses it through its training academy. MAUS has shipped over 60,000 software systems around the world. The products have been sold to SME’s, government departments, universities and tertiary training institutions. The company has multi awards and has published over 30 different software titles. The company was responsible for the world’s first windows based Business Planning Software product and is the market leader of many software tools.



Diana Marìa Gonzalez

(Spanish and English)

Experienced insightful Book-keeper and financial controller 

Professional in Financial Engineering with experience in the industrial sector, development and improvement of cost processes, focused on the optimization of financial return.

Learn more about Diana

As a specialist in finance and capital markets, I can work clearly perform in companies with my financial thinking, the capacity for analysis and research interest, designing strategies that intervene in decision making, results oriented with global approaches that involve the economy in the world. As a financial and business engineer, I am in creative capacity to work with corporate finance, using financial indicators wich help companies to identify their growth, economic status and financial risk, develop contingency plans in order to optimize growth and mitigate the risk. With the focus international business, I find skills to improve the use of financial resources, through knowledge of the behavior of foreign exchange, markets and key moments that may be favorable in all economics of each company in the sector. As a technologist in the analysis of costs and budgets, I am able to obtain favorable results in the costs that involve the elaboration of a product or service, in the constant search to optimize the elements that compose it, always working to obtain the greater margin of return after covering its equilibrium level, based on accounting, financial and economic information.


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