An Insightful and Empathetic Book-keeping That Will Give You More Clarity Ease of admin Than You’ve Ever Had Before

Insightful and intelligent book-keeping means you are always up to date with compliance and you can rely and trust your financial reports. With it, you will have enjoy the clarity of your financial position and more-so where your profit and cash are heading for us to empathetically connect and amplify a stress free business that will allow you to pursue your passion.

Let's Go Deep

Most financial reports give you an overview of your business history but don’t go much further than basic revenue streams and expense categories. Let’s drill right down and see what’s really happening in your business at a detailed level RIGHT NOW – and what needs to change to improve your results.

True Financial Control

Are you driving your business or is it driving you? The way to take control is to know exactly what things are costing you at a micro level and what value is being produced. Understanding things at the most detailed level, means that small changes can be magnified many times over to create vastly improved profits.

Life As It Should Be

You didn’t go into business to work harder than everyone else and get paid less. A hand-crafted budget that is based on your individual circumstances and helps you understand your business in more detail than you’ve ever had,  is the first step to taking control and getting back to your reasons for being in business in the first place.

Don’t worry, you’re not cheating on your accountant.

This service brings a new level of analysis above and beyond the financial reports you are currently getting. We are happy to work with your existing accountant if you continue using our services beyond the initial stress-free bookkeeping we streamline.

Arrange to get your insightful and empathetic Book-keeping engagement started for free.

This consultation and report from a Zentapon/Chartered Accountant is normally $600 + GST for small businesses. Book before now and receive the a complimentary consultation.

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Meet Our Team

Diana Marìa Gonzalez

(Spanish and English)

Experienced insightful Book-keeper and financial controller 

Professional in Financial Engineering with experience in the industrial sector, development and improvement of cost processes, focused on the optimization of financial return.

As a specialist in finance and capital markets, I can work clearly perform in companies with my financial thinking, the capacity for analysis and research interest, designing strategies that intervene in decision making, results oriented with global approaches that involve the economy in the world.

As a financial and business engineer, I am in creative capacity to work with corporate finance, using financial indicators wich help companies to identify their growth, economic status and financial risk, develop contingency plans in order to optimize growth and mitigate the risk.
With the focus international business, I find skills to improve the use of financial resources, through knowledge of the behavior of foreign exchange, markets and key moments that may be favorable in all economics of each company in the sector.

As a technologist in the analysis of costs and budgets, I am able to obtain favorable results in the costs that involve the elaboration of a product or service, in the constant search to optimize the elements that compose it, always working to obtain the greater margin of return after covering its equilibrium level, based on accounting, financial and economic information.

Diana Maria Gonzales

Experienced and insightful Financial Controller, Zentapon Pty Ltd

Get to know your business in more detail than you’ve ever had before. Understand how your decisions affect profitability at a micro level and become magnified over and over again.

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Question: What type of business is this for?
This offer service is for small businesses. We can provide a similar service for larger enterprises however our charges would reflect the work involved.  

Question: Is this doubling up on what our accountant is already doing?
This service is designed to introduce you to a whole new level of analysis and understanding of your business beyond what is required for reporting and bookkeeping.

Question: Is there any obligation after I have received my hand-crafted budget?
While we do offer ongoing business coaching services and would love to work with you some more, there is no obligation to do so. After we have presented you with a streamlined book-keeping, you are free to implement it on your own if you wish.