A Hand-Crafted Business Budget That Will Give You More Clarity Than You’ve Ever Had Before

Standard financial reports don’t reveal what’s happening in your business at a micro level. That means that small mistakes and miscalculations can be getting magnified thousands of times over with every sale you make. The POSITIVE thing is though, that when you understand your business in minute detail, small improvements are also magnified thousands of times over!

Let's Go Deep

Most financial reports give you an overview of your business history but don’t go much further than basic revenue streams and expense categories. Let’s drill right down and see what’s really happening in your business at a detailed level RIGHT NOW – and what needs to change to improve your results.

True Financial Control

Are you driving your business or is it driving you? The way to take control is to know exactly what things are costing you at a micro level and what value is being produced. Understanding things at the most detailed level, means that small changes can be magnified many times over to create vastly improved profits.

Life As It Should Be

You didn’t go into business to work harder than everyone else and get paid less. A hand-crafted budget that is based on your individual circumstances and helps you understand your business in more detail than you’ve ever had,  is the first step to taking control and getting back to your reasons for being in business in the first place.

One-to-one consultation with a Chartered Accountant

Your initial consultation will be with Kenneth Andersen who is a Chartered Accountant (ICAA),  MBA (University of Adelaide) and experienced CFO. Kenneth understands business numbers and more importantly, what they mean for the future of your business.

Don’t worry, you’re not cheating on your accountant.

This service brings a new level of analysis above and beyond the financial reports you are currently getting. We are happy to work with your existing accountant if you continue using our services beyond the initial hand-crafted budget we create together.

How exactly does this work? 

Let’s say, for example, you own a coffee shop. You probably know what it costs you each month in wages, rent, supplies etc. and how much you are making in sales. But do you know exactly what it costs you to make a cup of coffee? Do you know what small changes you could implement that would then be magnified thousands of times over with every coffee you make? That’s the power of having an intimate detailed knowledge of your business drivers.

Step One

Fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page. We will get in touch for an initial phone briefing to make sure this is the right service for you. If we think we can help you we will book a time for your consultation and forward an invoice. DON’T PAY ANYTHING NOW.

Step Two

An extended one-to-one consultation during which we will discuss how you see your business, and what you see as the key drivers, and gather the information necessary to do our analysis and create your hand-crafted budget.

Step Three

Presentation of our analysis of your current business situation and your hand-crafted budget addressing the key drivers discussed at the interview and showing you the way to achieve much better outcomes.

From there? Should you choose to have us assist you with implementation, we will create a plan to work with you. Otherwise, you are free to take the plan we present and implement it yourself.

Arrange to get your hand-crafted business model now and save $100.

This consultation and report from a Chartered Accountant is normally $600 + GST for small businesses. Book before August 31 and pay just $500 + GST.

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Meet Our Team

An MBA qualified Chartered Accountant and experienced CFO, Kenneth lives and breathes identifying with your business to create wealth for you. With a strong background in financial advisory, Kenneth provides a strategic perspective through vast experience working within several industries, countries, and a diversity of cultural companies small to large. His analytical and diagnostic experience has provided insights which have allowed many clients to predict outcomes and identify behaviours and systems to be changed or amplified to create profitable results.

Kenneth Andersen

Chartered Accountant, Liberate Your Business

Lester Lewis is one of Queensland’s most respected business growth specialists. He is a results focused Business Consulting and Coaching Expert who has a broad range of skills and experience to help you achieve your business goals faster. With over 40 years experience, and after helping more than 2,380 small and medium sized businesses improve productivity, overcome obstacles, achieve strategic outcomes and increase profits, Lester is the hardworking, reliable and committed business expert that can take your business to the next level of success.

Lester Lewis

Business Improvement Specialist, Liberate Your Business

Get to know your business in more detail than you’ve ever had before. Understand how your decisions affect profitability at a micro level and become magnified over and over again.

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Question: What type of business is this for?
This offer service is for small businesses. We can provide a similar service for larger enterprises however our charges would reflect the work involved.  

Question: Is this doubling up on what our accountant is already doing?
This service is designed to introduce you to a whole new level of analysis and understanding of your business beyond what is required for reporting and bookkeeping.

Question: Is there any obligation after I have received my hand-crafted budget?
While we do offer ongoing business coaching services and would love to work with you some more, there is no obligation to do so. After we have presented your hand-crafted business budget, you are free to implement it on your own if you wish.